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The unicorn began as a fierce creature found in the far corners of the known world. It had the head of a deer, the feet of an elephant and the tail of a wild boar. So how did one end up on my daughter Robin's fourth birthday cake, all pink and covered in glitter? That was my first memory of unicorns and Robin together. Singing happy birthday at her party, watching this somewhat ridiculous creature as the candles were blown out.

What are unicorns?

I didn’t realize how much time I’d spend looking at unicorns in the next few years. If you have a girl under 18 in your family, you’ll know what I mean. Robin is now six years old and her room is a meadow of mystical beasts with a horn. There are stuffed toys, soft earrings, necklaces, shiny stickers, emoji cushions, shiny pencils. These weren’t hard to come by. Unicorns no longer have to be lured through magical forests by pure maidens, you can buy one in two clicks from Asos.

DeUnicorns.Online has unicorn bandages, pajamas and nail polish. The best sellers of unicorn products, where you can buy a T-shirt for the Unicorn Fan Club. Currently, the letters in the store suggest “Be more Unicorn”, a slogan for a collection of stationery that works with snow globes and backpacks. That’s why we are the best unicorn shop on the internet. Kellogg’s has just launched Unicorn Froot Loops, their slogan: The magic has landed. Aisling McKeefry, head of women’s clothing design at Asos, says social networking is a big factor in spreading the word about this mythical beast. “I think Instagram is the biggest contributor, like the avocado in the food world, unicorns are perhaps the most ‘Instagrammable’ of all creatures. With #unicorn in 7m and counting, she’s not wrong.

Where do these little animals come from?

TV shows and movies are also invaded by unicorns. The My Little Pony franchise has gone through several changes since its launch in 1982, but the current incarnation – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – has made millions by 2015. My Little Pony: The movie, starring Emily Blunt and Zoe Saldana , has been released in all theaters. The main star is Pegasus, a crossed unicorn.

From the Oscar-nominated film Lego Movie 2014, the only character to get his own spin-off show is Princess Unikitty, the pink rule of Cloud Cuckoo Land. It will be launched on Cartoon Network later this year. Also on TV is CBeebies Go Jetters (number one in the UK rankings, with over 10 million viewers on linear TV). The show’s mentor is Ubercorn, a disco loving unicorn with a voice like Barry White and a brain full of “funky facts”.

How does unicorn fashion influence our little ones?

If you’re a kid, unicorns are ubiquitous. If you’re a girl, they’re inescapable. And they also throw themselves into the wider popular culture. The inflatable unicorn was the successful beach accessory of the summer. Starbucks launched the Unicorn frappuccino this year and rainbow-colored unicorn toast and cakes are a major food trend. In beauty, you get unicorn hair, unicorn nails and you can buy a shiny body gel called Unicorn Snot if you want. Fashion designer Thom Browne even sent one down his runway last month.

This isn’t purely superficial either. The values of this animal, like rare and magical, have seen the word used in various connotations. Now a unicorn can be a start-up company valued at over a billion euros. A unicorn is also an elusive or unattainable woman, or a bisexual woman depending on your background. When Tory leader Ruth Davidson said at the Conservative Party Conference a fortnight ago that people were “tired of being offered free unicorns”, it was a disregard for Jeremy Corbyn’s policies. But Davidson could not have been more wrong. Right now, people love bloody unicorns.

Robin is growing up in the age of unicorns, and I don’t know how I feel about that. They’re so bright and little. I mean, it’s Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande who dress up as unicorns, not Hillary Clinton or Christine Lagarde. As a spokesperson for the campaign, Let Toys Be Toys told me, “Often pink, purple or shiny unicorns are clearly sold with girls in mind. The unicorn craze seems to be the last aspect of the princess culture, which you only see on one side of the toy and clothing aisles. Unicorns are magical creatures and it’s easy to see their appeal, but we have to let the girls know that it’s okay to find joy in many different things.


The activists directed me to a Chad Valley Toys TV commercial of a boy playing with a pink unicorn. It felt weird in that particular way that only gender things can. I asked Robin if the unicorns were girls. She said yes right away, then stopped. Actually, some are boys, she admitted, looking confused. They come through a portal into a magical world, she added, to clear things up. But their uncertainty is understandable. They are slippery creatures.


The unicorn has been popular at various points for at least 3,000 years, says Dr. Miles Leeson, director of the Iris Murdoch Research Center and a lecturer in English literature. “The Greeks considered them to be real in the ancient world; they appear in natural history books, not in books about the gods. The Old Testament contains possible mentions of unicorns, and from there they have been incorporated into Western art and culture, emerging on several occasions, including the Medieval period and the Renaissance. The unicorn also has a role to play in Chinese mythology.

The book by author Juliette Wood, Fantastic Creatures in Mythology and Folklore, will be published next year, but it has already completed its chapter on unicorns. “The ‘myth’ began to develop early in the Christian era, also found in Islamic sources, that this fierce creature would docilely come to a virgin woman,” she explains. “There are some beautiful interpretations of ‘The Mystical Hunt’ with the angel Gabriel as the hunter and the small unicorn approaching the Virgin, a very symbolic vision of the story of the Annunciation. It also became popular in that aspect of chivalry known as courtly love. A lover is “hunted” by his love for the lady and, like the unicorn, wins her over and is “tamed” like the husband.

The creature also had an interesting time in the 16th and 17th centuries, says natural history writer Natalie Lawrence. “There was a rampant trade in dust and tableware made from unicorn horn because it was seen as an antidote to poison. It was also seen as an aphrodisiac. The unicorns allied themselves with reports of exotic creatures from the north or the sea, because the horns were actually narwhal horns or elephant tusks, but this gave them their reputation as elusive, things you could never see and never catch.

So the unicorn has had commercial value for centuries. Then as a medicinal panacea, now as glitter and stuffed toys. Which seems like a diminution for the noble creature. It was the perverted old Victorians who turned this sexy beast into a child’s fantasy. “They romanticized many of the bestiary images,” says Lawrence, “although the Victorians actually had unicorn porn as well.”

Is it just a trend? What will we find on the page?

Let them dare to say it to my face! The unicorn items are here to stay. We have dreamed of these creatures since we were little children and we will not give up the articles of these adorable animals. It is true that now you can see many more of these articles, but this is because people have learned to value what they owe!

All the unicorn articles that exist, take a look and enjoy your visit! If you have arrived at this page, you are also lovers of these animals like me! Here you will find all kind of articles about these adorable mythological animals! I hope you enjoy the work done!

The fact that they are fantasy animals makes them more special than the rest. But why deny it, a horse with a cone on its forehead would be just as adorable! But not as cute as one of these animals! It is said in the stories that people who believe in them can see them, and I wish one day it would be the case! But for now, we have to make do with these articles! Therefore, to make it easier for you, we have brought you a collection of all the articles we have found on this website!